Ecosystem CTNFC*
(Carbotechnological fuel neutral cycle)

A project that should reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 0%.
*Analogue of photosynthesis

You breathe CO2, we breathe money © Karavasiliadi Aristarkh and Yangalin German

About our innovative project

The CTNFC ecosystem is a carbotech fuel neutral cycle. It includes a set of technological projects and allows the use of CO2 as a raw material (Analogue of photosynthesis):
1. Universal converter that captures CO2 from vehicle exhaust. funds (cars, planes, ships);
2. Spec. converter for prom. industries - oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical;
3. Tech. installations for purification of air from CO2 in offices, uni.;
4. Ecotrap CO2 from the oceans;
5. Obtaining H2 by one of the methods of hydrogen energy (Mark-11, Mark-13);
6. 3D printer for the production of converters and components, as well as our own composite material
7. Open cycle;
The latest achievements are - 1. We became the owners of the grant UMNIK MSTU. N.E. Bauman, 2. We made it to the finals of the International Startup Event "Slush", 3. We received a certificate of deposit and a computer, and we are also processing more than 5 patents, 4. We became winners of the International Exhibition of Young Inventors IEYI-2021, 5. We became finalists of the Skolkovo GreenTech accelerator. You can see all our achievements by following this link.
Explore Our Features
Our project should prove to the world that eco-tech startups are the future and we can really change it for the better.
Innovative technologies
Our project uses only technological areas - IT, 3D-modeling, microelectronics, circuitry, robotics, ecology, physics, chemistry, mathematics
Our project combines a new technological closed cycle, which is presented in the form of a module (converter), a composite 3D printer, our own composite material, as well as other promising devices.
Our project has a global agenda, so it can be used in any country, its consumers will be primarily in the transport industry: 1. Vehicles operating on the principle of internal combustion engines and using as fuel: gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, methane, alcohol, 2. Vessels operating on the principle of internal combustion engines and using as fuel: gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, methane, alcohol, 3. Aircraft operating on the principle of internal combustion engines and using as fuel: gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, methane, alcohol, kerosene ; in the energy industry: 4. Oil and gas chemical companies that emit/use CO2 in their production: 1. Gazpromneft-Salavat, 2. Stavrolen, 3. Saratovorgsintez, 4. SIBUR Holding, 5. Irkutsk Oil Company, 6. Uralchem; 5. CHPP, 6. GTPP; chemical and technological enterprises: 7. Aluminum plants, for example, En+; 8. Titanium plants, for example, Avisma; residential areas with high CO2 concentration: 11. Offices, 12. Shopping malls, 13. Cinemas, 14. Universities, 15. Schools.
How does our concept work, what is it?
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The essence of our technology
About the scheme of work
It may seem complicated, but in fact, everything is very simple and understandable)
Can I see how the tests were carried out, all production points and useful documents?
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Is your project at the stage of optimization and implementation?
Our project is now at the level of an experimental sample, we are engaged in the implementation of prototypes, finalization of the composite material and the creation of a cycle management system. I also briefly describe what our project does.
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Information about the economic and business case
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our economic and business part in order to convince you of our rapidly growing business model. Explore
Can I learn more about your project?
Follow this link to learn more about our startup)
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May I see an expert assessment of your project?
No problem, at the click of a button you can read the opinion of our Finnish expert from Soletair power, as well as an expert from the Russian industrial company ART-Osnastka and a positive feedback on the accelerator.
Our advanced green technology products
What do we offer you for business or production?
We influence not only the optimization and acceleration of the creation of products, but also their quality and scale.
Fuel, Any Alkanes, as well as specialized
Fuel for cars, industrial plants, substations, ships, aircraft, rockets
Polymers, e.g. Polyurea
Creating polymers from CO2 and other gases is the future and we offer to develop new materials with us
Pure carbon dioxide
Pure carbon dioxide, for carbonated water, fire extinguishers, acceleration of agricultural bio-crops, in the creation of cement and other industries
Zero emissions
Your production needs innovative filters, then this is for us. We cooperate with thermal power plants, gas turbine power plants, chemical and technological companies, metallurgical enterprises, etc.
Improving labor productivity
It is stuffy in the office, university or school, it seems that there is not enough fresh air, give this problem to us and we will solve it technologically
Promising technologies
We also plan to extract CO2 from the oceans and other high concentrations of various gases.
Why is it worth investing in us or at least starting to cooperate?
We have been developing for more than 1 year, we have more than 20 achievements, and also received expert reviews and positive references from more than 5 companies. Also, our startup is already protected by 2 patents and it is planned to obtain at least 7-10. We are at the pilot stage and want to quickly implement our innovations with such an experienced and well-coordinated team, software, hardware and components
Can you read a short description about your project?
Our classes provide a gateway into the world of dance, connecting young people and communities to artistic practice. We also engage in a range of inspirational and high-quality participatory activities, both nationally and internationally.
What We Do
We look at the market, analyze it, we want to implement a project of the future that has no analogues
We are already finding investors, potential investments and have made a business plan
Our concept combines several projects of varying complexity and technologies, this is our feature, interdisciplinarity
We would like to see our project as a universal solution in the field of ecology, climate and fuel problems
Our project will be successfully scaled up, you can see our roadmap also in the presentation
Our project will be understandable and convenient for everyone, it will be tested on individual groups and improved
Our offers for investors, business angels and venture funds
By exchanging experience and technological recommendations, you can achieve the greatest success.
Standard offer
  • We give the opportunity to redeem 3% of our shares
  • Opportunity to make suggestions and advice
  • Opportunity to implement your ideas and offer production facilities
  • Possibility to redeem the next 2% within 3 years for 15% cheaper
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Premium offer
  • We give the opportunity to redeem 12% of our shares
  • Same features as Standard offer and Advanced offer*
  • Opportunity to buy out a controlling stake within 5 years
  • Possibility to redeem the next 3% within 3 years for 40% cheaper
  • The ability to make a decisive decision in the development of the company and the right of Veto
  • Opportunity to merge with your company or create a joint venture
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The road of a thousand li begins with the first step
— Lao Tzu
Meet Our Team
Our team consists of 13 people and we will also invite more specialists
German Iangalin
Founder & CEO, CTO, Process engineer, Website
Student of MSTU N.E. Bauman, HSE, inventor-innovator, winner and prize-winner of International and All-Russian competitions, exhibitions, olympiads. Holder of the UMNIK grant, and also draws up more than 50 patents and scientific articles. Founer & CEO of Ecosystem "Impact-Engineer"

Daudi Dauddin
Co-founder, CFO, Chemist-technologist, bioengineer,
Student of ITMO, winner of International and All-Russian conferences, exhibitions, case championships, UMNIK grant holder, worked in more than 5 oil companies - Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, etc.
Alexander Kanibolotsky
CRO, Theoretical chemist, physicist-chemist
Winner and prize-winner of International and All-Russian conferences in chemistry, is engaged in scientific research in the laboratories of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, publishes his scientific articles
Gordey Kruglov
Ecologist, bioecologist
Prize-winner of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in ecology, as well as conferences, student of Sechenov University
Aristarchus Karavasiliadi
COO, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Innovation Management Expert
Winner and prize-winner of All-Russian competitions, case championships and hackathons on technological entrepreneurship, participant of All-Russian Olympiads in mathematics and physics
Gevorg Abramkin
Chemist-technologist, materials scientist
Winner and prize-winner of International and All-Russian competitions and conferences in chemistry and materials science, Gubkin University student
Kirill Sheremetov
Founder & CEO of startup Green Air, Winner and prize-winner of All-Russian competitions on FoodNet, as well as accelerators from Innopolis University, Skolkovo, won the Student Startup competition in 2022
Artyom Sannikov
Robotics engineer
Winner and prize-winner of International and All-Russian competitions, olympiads in robotics, underwater mechatronics, intelligent systems, Student of MSTU N.E. Bauman
Roman Grachev
Robotics engineer
Winner of Intel ISEF, winner and prize-winner of the NTO Olympiad, All-Russian engineering competitions, inventor
Ruslan Amirov
Winner and prize-winner of the All-Russian Olympiads in physics, mathematics, young scientist, student of Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman, studies as a nanotechnologist, participates in International and All-Russian conferences
Ilya Danovsky
Electronics engineer
Winner and prize-winner of International and All-Russian competitions, Olympiads in system engineering, student of Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman
Lenar Rashitov
IT-engineer, applied analyst
Winner and prize-winner of the All-Russian Olympiads and competitions in UAV, IT, electronics and space systems
Klim Grishanov
Information protection specialist, student of BMSTU
Winner and prize-winner of the All-Russian Olympiads and competitions in CTF
Media Partners
SberPress wrote about our victory at the All-Russian contest "Leaders of Sustainable Development"
The UN Office in the Russian Federation wrote about our victory at the All-Russian competition "Leaders of Sustainable Development" and noted our project
Strategy partners wrote about our victory at the All-Russian competition "Leaders of Sustainable Development" and noted our project
We entered the project to support start-ups within the Moscow Innovation Cluster
Today we are available for cooperation and investment, and tomorrow we may be bought out, think soon)
Research is carried out with grant support from the Innovation Promotion Fund, Contract number № 17631GU/2022
Became finalists of the GreenTech accelerator and the accelerator of technological projects Skolkovo, in the top 20
Part of the equipment was purchased with the support of Center-Invest Bank, as part of the I-SDG competition
Our industry partner for production
All rights reserved! The project belongs to Iangalin German and Daudi Dauddin
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